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23-24 March

Keeping Current and Leveling Up

25-26 March

Building Careers and Becoming Well-Known

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The experts in our field have several things in common. Hear us ask them how they became the top in the Software Development field.

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Pick up the techniques used by these experts to give to the community in ways that matter.

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Learn the tricks of the trade that created the podcasts, books, and conferences that built the careers of our experts.

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Find out how you can build businesses and followings that allow you to provide people the help they need.

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The World's most influential software developers explain how to build success in your life based on a career in software development.

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Soft Skills

Staying Current

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The World's most accomplished and influential developers.

Bruno Le Maire

Minister for the Economy & Finance

Holly Ransom

CEO, Emergent

Jane McGonigal

Director, Game Development Ins.

Jim Whitehurst

Chief Executive Officer, Red Hat

Kathleen Breitman

Co-founder of Coase

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